Invitation Letter for Visa:
A visa for entering China, if necessary, can be obtained at the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate. Please note that obtaining visa can take one to two months.

Download Invitation Letter: Invitation Letter

Please fill in the blanks in the invitation letter.
Author registration: Beginning after the camera-ready proof.

Each conference paper MUST have at least one non-student registration (even if all authors of the paper are students, i.e., a student registration does not cover any papers) no later than September 15, 2019.

 Registration Fees Details (For each accepted paper)
 CNY (For foreign authors, your bills can be transferred in USD according to the following list or RMB directly)

Early registration (before Sep 15th) Late registration (before Oct 16th ) On-site registration
Full Registration 3200 CNY 3500 CNY 3800 CNY
Special Registration (only for the selected journal paper) 2200 CNY 2500 CNY 2800 CNY
Student Registration 1000 CNY 1100 CNY 1200 CNY
Attendee(No Paper) 1600 CNY 1800 CNY 2000 CNY

Note that for the Full Registration, the accept paper will be included in the proceedings the conference. The Special Registration is only suitable for the selected journal paper, which is NO included in the proceedings of the conference.

For all the accepted papers, the author should make a full-registration for each paper and make presentation on conference.

 Benefits for Attendee (No Paper)
The attendee can attend all the conference events and have all the conference benefits, including USB proceedings and Gifts.

 Benefits for Students
Those papers whose first author is student, and the student make presentation on conference has the opportunity to win the best student paper as well as the amount of travel awards is about 150 $ (or 1000 CNY).

 Extra page Fees:
The page limit of the final submitted paper is 12 pages, including all figures, tables, annd references. At most one extra page is allowed for each paper, and one extra page is charged $175 (US dollars) or 1200 RMB in registration.
 Registration Information:
   Foreign account
  • BENEFICIARY'S NAME: JiangSu Association of Artificial Intelligence
  • BENEFICIARY'S BANK: Bank of Communications Co.,Ltd
  • BANK ADDRESS: NO.218,lushan rd,nanjing,china
  • BENEFICIARY'S US Dollar Bank ACCOUNT: 320006664146300002776
  • BENEFICIARY'S EURO Dollar Bank ACCOUNT: 320006664386300000450
  • REMITTANCE MEMO: Please provide your personal information as follows: ISCIDE + Paper ID, First author's name
  • Please send the remittance vouchers together with the registration form to after you have finished remittance. The subject of your email is ISCIDE + Paper ID, First author's name
  • Download Registration Form: registration form
  •  国内账户
    1) 汇款:
  • 户 名:江苏省人工智能学会
  • 帐 号:320006678018010081595
  • 开户行:交通银行南京栖霞支行
  • 联行号:301301000781
  • 增值税纳税人识别号:51320000MJ5500855M
  • 地址:南京大学仙林校区计算机系502室
  • 汇款时请按如下格式提供相关信息:ISCIDE+论文编号, 第一作者姓名
  • 汇款成功后,请将汇款凭证注册表发送至以下邮箱
  • 注册表下载: 注册表

  • 2) 支付宝账号

    3) 微信商户账号:
     Registration Policy
    • All the registrations give access to all sessions, events, workshops and tutorials during the conference days, as well as USB memory of proceedings.
    • All the registrations include coffee-breaks, light breakfasts, lunches, dinner (Banquet) and Internet Wi-Fi.
    • For student registration, Student ID is required. Please prepare scanned copy of student ID or other proofs and e-mail to after making the payment.
    • Each accepted paper must be covered by at least one non-student registration by September 15, 2019, and one non-student registration can cover up to only one paper.
    Even if you will attend a workshop/tutorial only, you need to register to the main conference.
    • If the speaker fails to appear for the presentation, all the rights covered by the registration will be jeopardized, including the right to receive a copy of the proceedings. ISCIDE 2019 also reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from electronic archive of past ISCIDE 2019 proceedings) if the paper is not presented at the conference.
     Paper Page Limit:
    The page limit of the final submitted paper is 12 pages, including all figures, tables, and references. At most one extra page is allowed for each paper, and one extra page is charged $175 (US dollars) or 1200 RMB in registration.

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